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March 2013
Evergreen College: Being Connected in Small Groups

While Evergreen College has kicked off again at our day centre in Balcatta, we are now looking forward to expanding the Evergreen College outside the centre setting to provide more wellness choices to clients other than Centre Based Day Care. We believe there is a need for CALD clients to be connected and engaged with their communities to maximize their physical, psychological and social functioning.

We are currently conducting survey with clients from both Centre Help and Home Help to get their perspectives. By seeking for clients’ input, we aim to build up client confidence and independence through the format of small groups.

By attending these small groups, clients may be brought to attend Tai Chi class or exercise group; or they may be shown around to learn of the history in their own living neighborhoods; or they may be trained of using public transport to meet with their friends and enjoy a delightful afternoon tea.

From centre to community, from individual to small groups, we are continuously exploring the choices of applying wellness principles to fit into the special individual needs of our clients in a linguistically and culturally appropriate way.

If you would like more information, please feel free to ring Jillian Pan, our Wellness Coordinator at 9328 3988 or email to: Jillian.Pan@chungwahcac.org.au

*Note: To join the centre interest classes and small groups under Evergreen College, the prospective client will need to be assessed and eligible for at least one of our aged care services.

March 2013
Evergreen College Reopen at Day Centre

Evergreen College, is a common language spoken at our offices and day centers, transforms WELLNESS in a CALD friendly way for our clients and communities. This term comes from 5 Elements of Education for a perfect man, namely “character, intelligent, physical, aesthetic, social”, a very basic concept developed by Chinese Confucian Philosophers thousands of years ago. It is well understood and accepted by Asian populations around the world.

From 2011, Evergreen College was firstly introduced to our day centre in Balcatta. ‘No homework, no exams and no comparison’ is the feature of this College at centre. Our clients have choices to enrol themselves to various classes based on their interests and/or the areas they would like to further develop.

From 26 March 2013, Evergreen College is going to be reopened again at Balcatta centre. Clasess offered include: Physical Exercise, Computer, English, cooking, Calligraphy, Tai Chi, dancing, and memory support. Through continuous learning and encouragement, clients are able to take small steps over time to explore their potentials of developing knowledge and skills for independent living.

If you would like to find out more about this Evergreen College, please contact Ms. Jillian Pan, Wellness Coordinator at 9328 3988 or email to: Jillian.Pan@chungwahcac.org.au

October 2012
2013 Calendar is on the way

Since 2007, we have printed 3000 copies of our calendar every year with a special theme which is distributed exclusively to our clients, staff, volunteers, working partners, Chung Wah’s members, etc. As the year of the snake is approaching, our 2013 calendar themed with “ZEN” is on its way to reach you.

September 2012
Eat Well to Prevent Falls

On 12 September, we invited a dietician from Nutrition Australia, Miss Annette Wong, to provide a community talk to approximately 86 attendees at our 2012 Chung Wah Stay On Your Feet Day at Chung Wah Cultural Centre in Balcatta. The topic of the day was “What and how to eat to prevent falls and osteoporosis” Participants were taught to take 2-3 serves of foods high in calcium and to be exposed to 20 minutes sunshine per day before 10 am and after 3pm for Vitamin D. In addition, participants were also given opportunity to learn some falls prevention exercises from a physiotherapist, Ms. Esther Chang, as well as practised Tai Chi under the guidance of a Tai Chi instructor, Ms. Wendy Wong.

Feel free to contact Elvie Yap on 9328 3988 or email to elvie.yap@chungwahcac.org.au if you would like to have a copy of the factsheet about “What and how to eat to prevent falls and osteoporosis”

September 2012
Mid-Autumn Festival celebration for Asian elders under residential care and community care

The Mid-autumn festival is a widely-celebrated traditional Chinese festival in China and South East Asia. On 27 September which was three days before the actual day of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2012, Chung Wah Community & Aged Care celebrated this significant festival with approximately 190 Asian clients at our centre, as well as sharing the happiness of this festival at two residential facilities: Concorde Nursing Home and Regent Garden Bateman.

Performances such as traditional Chinese dance, Chinese music and Tai Chi were arranged for elders who participated in our Mid-autumn festival celebration. Special guests at our celebration were a group of seniors from the Bullcreek Community Centre who performed song for us.

August 2012
Medicine talks for Asian communities

Between July and August, Chung Wah Community & Aged Care conducted six sessions of community medicine talks for Asian communities. These talks were presented by Mandarin, Cantonese or Vietnamese speaking health professionals such as nurses and pharmacists. This year the medicine topic was focused on “Why are we offered a choice of medicine?” Participants learned about how to differentiate brand name and active ingredients of a medicine and the reason why you were sometimes offered a medicine by pharmacist which was different from the one prescribed by doctor.

A radio interview was done on this medicine topic. The radio interview with a Cantonese speaking nurse, Mr. James Wong and a Mandarin speaking pharmacist, Miss Joey Fung, were broadcast by our radio program via 6EBA World Radio. It was estimated at least 300 people accessed this medicine message through those community medicine talks and radio programs.

Feel free to contact Elvie Yap on 9328 3988 or email to elvie.yap@chungwahcac.org.au if you would like to have a copy of information about “why are we offered a choice of medicine”.

August 2012
Evergreen College Commenced at CAC

“I have enrolled at Computer class, do I need to bring my own laptop?”;
“Is Tai Chi very hard to learn? What should I wear?”
“Who is the English teacher? I remember the days when studying at the Chung Wah building in James St ten years ago!”;
In the past few months, our seniors have been asking all sorts of questions regarding the Evergreen College, an initiative under our CAC Wellness framework. Now, we are very pleased to announce that this Evergreen College has commenced from 21 August Tuesday at our day centre in Balcatta.

The College is running from 21 August to 29 November every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at our day centre in Balcatta. During this first term, the College offers six interest classes including Computer, English, Cooking, Dancing, Tai Chi and a particular group for clients with memory loss or dementia.

More than 15 volunteers have actively participated to this College as course instructors. They instruct and interact with seniors, encourage them to actively expand their knowledge and skills. Volunteers also constantly observe seniors’ learning process and provide feedback to staff.

In the course of operating this College, our centre staff are also heavily involved. Each day, there is one Assistant Coordinator working as a Mentor to liaise with volunteers to locate and organize resources, as well as recording and following up individual client’s progress. Support workers also play an important part in delivering this Evergreen College project. Thanks to their support, we are able to run this College in a safe and friendly environment.

To start the College as smoothly as possible, CAC has produced a series of tools such as forms and templates to help our staff and volunteers’ practice. We have also established a Wellness Committee and organized meeting, training and orientation for staff and volunteers. All these means are essential elements to make this College alive and to last as an effective and sustainable project.

Clients are the heart of this Evergreen College while staff and volunteers make this heart smile and fly. With the participation of our seniors, and the contribution of our staff and volunteers, the Evergreen College is being formulized to a platform which enables confidence, independence and wellbeing of non-English seniors and the community at large.

With the development of the college, we welcome your suggestions and feedback to deliver a better outcome for our seniors and the community. If you would like to know more and participate to this project, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.

Contact Person: Jillian Pan, Wellness Coordinator
Phone: 9328 3988
Email: Jillian.Pan@chungwahcac.org.au

May 2012
Listen to Chung Wah CAC’s Chinese Radio programs for aged care information

Starting in May 2012, Chung Wah Community & Aged Care (CAC) has established an additional channel to provide aged care information to the Mandarin and Cantonese speaking population in Western Australia.

These programs on 6eba World Radio FM 95.3 megahertz, are broadcast in Mandarin every Wednesday evening 6pm to 7pm and in Cantonese every Saturday morning 10am to 11am. At the same time, you may listen to it online at www.6eba.com.au if you are outside Western Australia.

Listening to these programs you will learn more about aged care and public services for seniors, as well as information that could improve your personal wellness.

May 2012
Introducing CAC Enquiry Service

“Good Morning, Chung Wah Community and Aged Care, this is …… How can I help you?” Since January 2007, Chung Wah Community and Aged Care has started to provide the Inquiry Service for non-English migrants and community at large. This Inquiry Service was established to minimize the language and cultural barriers encountered by migrants when accessing mainstream services and resources.

During the past 5 years, we have recorded more than 2400 enquiries with the total duration of approximately 35000 minutes. Among those enquiries, over 70% have been provided satisfactory answers while another 23% have been internally followed up by our staff. The content of enquiries is very diverse – aged care, Centrelink, settlement, immigration and legal, health, volunteer and employment, interest groups and other.

We believe in ‘small things matters’ as we also come from migrant background. We understand that you could feel really loss the first time ride on the train, the first time receive an English letter, the first time make a medical appointment and etc. Therefore, we are here and equipped with information and resources to answer or direct your queries----in your language and from your cultural perspective.

To make our services more accessible, we have started to take phone calls from 8.00am since last December. When you ring us, you will be greeted by our reception staff first. You will then be asked about your query and contacts. The reception staff will either answer your question directly if the information is immediate available or they will direct your phone call to enquiry service team for further discussion.

Alternatively, you are always welcome to visit our office from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday or check out our trilingual website (www.chungwahcac.org.au) anytime anywhere.

April 2012
Wellness in CAC-Evergreen College

To further develop CAC Evergreen College under our Wellness framework, we have set up a Wellness Committee in April. At the current stage, this committee comprises of staff from different services and programs as well as management. The committee members are Rita Li (Home Help), Ricky Lee (Centre Help), Ling Lam (DLRC), Jillian Pan (Wellness and Volunteer), Theresa Kwok (CEO) and Esther Chang (Chairperson of our Board). We would invite our care support worker and community volunteers for more input later on.

Back in March, we have conducted a wellness survey among all our centre help clients to find out what they value the most in their daily life. The outcome shows that our seniors are very keen on enhancing their physical function as well as increasing their social interactions.

Base on enhancing the infamous 5 Elements (Physical, Social, Intellectual, Character and Aesthetic) of the Chinese values, the Evergreen College would be commenced in after June. Initially, it will first start with our Tuesday Centre Based Day Care group which intends to offer clients a variety of course choices which many include Computer class, exercise class, etc. These courses are in consistent to what we found out from our survey previously. Evergreen College is expected to extend to other centre based groups and home help service in the next stage.

To continuously improve our wellness approach, we welcome your feedback and suggestions to promote the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of our seniors and the general community. Please do not hesitate to contact Jillian Pan, Wellness Coordinator on 9328 3988, or email her at Jillian.Pan@chungwahcac.org.au

March 2012
Evergreen College Survey Completed

In the last article, we have revealed that an Evergreen College survey would be conducted amongst our existing clients to identify and gauge their areas of need and interest.

Since then the survey has been conducted at our day centre in Balcatta from 13th to 15th March and in Maddington on 23rd March. The survey asked about clients’ understanding of 5 Element of Education as well as their preferred interest courses of the college. In total, 128 clients completed the survey and shared their valuable feedback with us.

When being asked about the 5 Element of Education, “physical development” is valued the most by our seniors following by “Social Interaction”. Regarding the interest courses, ‘Exercise’ inevitably becomes the most popular choice while ‘Computer’ and ‘English ’ is also highly welcomed by our seniors who strongly believe in ‘Never too old to learn’. Some traditional Chinese activities such as ‘Tai Chi’ and ‘Mah Jong’ have their own followers too.

Based on the survey results, our wellness team is going to discuss and gradually establish our Evergreen College in more details. In the meantime, we also hope to collaborate with other mainstream professional bodies to design and enrich our wellness programs.

25 January 2012 Wednesday
Celebrating the Dragon Year Together

The image of Dragon is often related to ‘power’ and ‘authority’ in Chinese culture. At Chung Wah Community and Aged Care, however, the Dragon Year is more to been seen as another fresh beginning of our journey to cater for Chinese, Vietnamese seniors and community members.

On 25th January 2012 Wednesday, the 3rd day of the Dragon year (lunar calendar), we celebrated the new year with more than 150 guests including our staff and management, clients, volunteers, Asian residents from nursing homes as well as guests from mainstream aged care service agencies. The luncheon was organized at Xintiandi Chinese Restaurant in Northbridge.

In addition to the food and laugh, we all had the opportunity to take photos with the God of Wealth, enjoyed the Lion Dance and the chance to win table games. Maybe the performance standards were not as professional, but everyone at the function has shown their total involvement; the true excitement of Chinese New Year.

Saturday 3 December 2011
Appreciation, Celebration and Embracing the Future

It is the season of lots thanks and wishes. On 3rd December 2011 Saturday, Chung Wah Community and Aged Care (CAC) organized the annual appreciation lunch for all the staff and volunteers at Winbo Restaurant in Maylands. Chung Wah Association, Chung Wah Council of Seniors and Chung Wah CAC Independent Board of Management have also been invited.

A speech named ‘Embracing the Future’ from Ms. Theresa Kwok, Chung Wah CAC CEO has encouraged everyone to work together towards 2012 to achieve better outcomes. Mr. Sammy Yap, Chung Wah Association President also expressed his warmest thanks to every staff and volunteer who are the greatest asset to the organization.

Friday 4 November 2011
Chung Wah CAC 24/7
Trilingual Website Launched!

On 4 November 2011, our long awaited Chung Wah Community and Aged Care (CAC) Website has been successfully launched. This website www.chungwahcac.org.au can now be accessed in three languages — English, Chinese or Vietnamese by all of our clients, staff, community groups and general public. Chung Wah CAC information and service details could now be provided 24 hours a day for everyone.

By clicking the different website channels, you could know our latest news, download our trilingual newsletters and link to other important websites. If you have any questions or comments, you could always submit it through the ‘Make an Enquiry’ function which is created for you to contact us anytime anywhere.

Wellness Training on 10 October

On 10th October 2011, CAC has organized a training session on Wellness, in conjunction with Community West to better equip our support workers in their efforts to bring wellness to our seniors.

Since late 2008, the Chung Wah Community & Aged Care (CAC) has been actively promoting the Wellness Approach in order to support and help older people so that they can remain independent longer both at home and in the community.

The aim is to work with the client to help them:
  • retain or regain skills
  • prolong their social independence
  • improve their overall quality of life
  • reduce their dependency on services
• The Beginning

Our clients and care support workers are all Asian migrants. In our Asian culture, it is an accepted practice that the younger folks have to perform tasks for the frail and the elderly as a form of respect. The older folks have also come to expect it. Therefore, the first step is to change our mind-set from viewing clients as frail people who need all aspects of help to treat them as individuals who have strengths and potential to be explored, maintained and enhanced.

• The Change

We took a low key approach to incorporate the Wellness Approach and started off with our day centre. A portion of our clients, who are still mobile, used to be served their morning beverage when they come into the centre. Clients were sent a message over a period of time while we conduct our exercises, encouraging them to make their own beverages when they still can and extolling its benefits. At the same time, centre staff were continuously educated to break their habit of serving beverages to every client and only to help those who have mobility issues.

On 26th August 2009, the next change came when we rearranged the table settings and chairs in the centre to create a buffet restaurant setting. Clients except those with mobility issues then had to queue to collect their lunches instead of being served at their table. Moreover, the buffet style provides the clients with a choice of dishes and quantity and therefore encourages them to think for themselves.

Step by step, not only the staff but also the clients start to see the benefit of this change. Now, the taste of morning tea and lunch might still be the same but clients are much happier and more active.

At CAC, we are making every effort to review each client's situation and needs from a Wellness perspective and implement an individualized approach that is in line with our aims.

Fresh & Fun!
Stay On Your Feet Week completed

From 13 to 15 September, Chung Wah Community & Aged Care (CAC) organized a three days Stay On Your Feet activity for our centre clients and community members. The activity was conducted in Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese to maximize the access from participants. There were approximately 180 attendees.

On each day, we invited an Optometrist, Ms. Lily Wall from Eyecare Centre, to present a talk on the importance of seniors regularly checking their eyesight . Then, a free cataracts check with the optometrist was available to anyone who is interested. We also displayed seven types of flower tea which all have different health benefits. These teas were Calendula, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Rose, Goji Berry and etc. After enjoying the specially prepared healthy lunch and flower tea, our wellness coordinator Ricky Lee demonstrated nine steps for seniors to learn how to get up from the floor safely at home after a fall. Ricky also explained important tips for seniors to deal with fall outdoors. Gifts were given to those who answered questions correctly in the fastest way.

To know more about fall prevention information, or to obtain a copy of 'Home Safety Checklist' and/or 'Shoe Safety Checklist', please contact Jillian Pan on 9328 3988 or email to Jillian.Pan@chungwahcac.org.au

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