Chung Wah Community and Aged Care (CAC) is a group under the umbrella of the Chung Wah Association. CAC’s goal is to provide care for the aged and disabled community, particularly non-English speakers, in Western Australia.

Currently, we provide government funded and culturally appropriate aged care and disability services to more than 700 frail, elderly and/or disabled clients with different health conditions from Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian and other ethnic communities throughout the Perth metro area. We also deliver a series of general community programs and events for Asian migrants and the community at large.

Our workforce consists of staff, support workers and volunteers from over 20 culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Despite the differences in spoken language, what is common to all our people is our care for everyone, not only seniors and people with disabilities.

We understand that all of our clients are unique in their own way and we welcome everyone no matter where they are from. We want to know you as a person, to offer you choices, to fulfil not just your needs, but your dreams.

We understand your challenges, because we walk in your shoes, we speak your language, and we understand your culture.

It is undeniable that the future holds many uncertainties. However, we can guarantee you that our CAC people will be there for you when you need us, and we will ensure that your life journey will be filled with happy, meaningful memories.