Community group outings are organised to help clients experience and appreciate Australian history and culture. The group outings also serve to assist socially isolated individuals to help them build a sense of belonging in the community.

This program provides a true sense of community. You are invited to explore the hidden beauty of Western Australia, try out cultural cuisines, and develop positive social interactions with people like you.

If you love adventures or simply wish to meet new people, this is the perfect platform for you. Our trips will provide you with unique and memorable experiences which encourage physical activity and health, while promoting your emotional as well as spiritual wellness.

Chung Wah CAC prepares all necessary arrangements to ensure that the needs of everyone at every level of participation are met. Our staff and volunteers will be with you throughout the trips and ready to provide assistance if needed.

Chung Wah CAC plans an exciting new outing every three months, and all are welcome to join. Further information about our latest events can be found on our Facebook/WeChat.