We help transport our clients to the DLRC hubs so they can enjoy culturally relevant group activities, physical exercise and a range of food, while also interacting with other clients in a meaningful way.

If you are looking for a vibrant, friendly place to meet people who share the same language and beliefs with you, or if you simply want to meet new people from different ethnic groups, this is the right place for you. Our Day Centres provide a relaxed, warm atmosphere for you to take an active role in improving your own wellbeing and quality of life.

Everyone across all ages can participate in our one-of-a-kind wellness program, Evergreen College, which allows you to learn or refresh skills, resume a hobby, take part in activities and outings and receive general information.

We also provide culturally appropriate meals that are prepared by our lovely volunteers on location.  Also, we organise many gatherings and celebrations for our clients and also their family members and friends, who are warmly welcomed.

Our centres are located in both North & South of the river for your convenience.  Door-to-door transport is also available to and from your home.