The NDIS is a government initiative support people with disability. We will help our clients establish a plan of services which support our client's current and future needs, accounting for their individual requirements.

Chung Wah’s NDIS service is a way of working with people with disability to:

  • Identify their strengths and needs, as well as any goals or aspirations they would like to start working towards, and capture these elements in their NDIS plan
  • Explore pathways and strategies to reach the goals outlined in their plan
  • Choose the support and services that best suit their needs
  • Develop stronger links with their community
  • Build on natural supports such as friendships, neighbours and local community groups.

It is a highly personalised, local, relationship based model of service delivery focused on enabling individuals to plan for their current and future needs.

Assessment for Eligibility:

  • Aged less than 65 years at the time of the eligibility request
  • An Australian citizen or the holder of a permanent visa
  • Meet the disability requirements

Every person eligible for the NDIS has a Local Coordinator available to support them during the planning process.

Contact Chung Wah CAC on (08) 9328 3988 to find out more or to get some help navigating the system, or visit