One of the longevity stars of Chung Wah CAC, Mr Zhu’s story goes back over a century.  He is respected as one of the heroes in the development of the health care industry and we are grateful that Mr Zhu often compliments us on our ability to enrich his migrant life and expresses his gratitude to our professional staff about their respect, support and care.


Mr De Xin ZHU was born in 1917.  His life is considered by some to be legendary on account ofhis significant contributions to the development of medical equipment industry in China during the 1960s.  Mr Zhu’s accomplishments include being engineering the leading factory producing medical equipment, inventing one of China’s first X-ray machine, assembling the first brain CT in China that complied with the requirements of Siemens and many other achievements. He could be called the founder of that industry. Mr Zhu was also the first principal of Shanghai Medical Instrumentation College, and many of his students became leaders in the industry and continue to devote themselves to raising the Chinese medical industry to a world class standard.

Let’s talk more about his life after moving to Perth and share some tips of his longevity. Mr Zhu moved to Australia in 1989 to take care of his daughter, who migrated to Perth years earlier. Then he was in love with the comfortable living environment and friendly people, so he decided to not go back to China, which he believes is one of the most important decisions in his life.

Mr Zhu is always talking about life attitude, which he says is critical for a longer and healthier life. As saying goes, happy families are all alike.  With a big family that includes 7 children, 9 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren and surrounded by love and care, Mr Zhu says his family never fails to fill him with joy. He was strict with his children when they were growing up – he taught them everyone must be independent and their attitude to life should be an eagerness for success. His children seem to have taken the message to heart, with each one of them showing success in work and life.

On the subject of keepinghealthy, Mr Zhu offers a few suggestions, which includes living your life at your own pace, regularly engaging in physical exercise and games to keep your brain and body functional.  Mr Zhu and his daughter Julie talks a lot about CAC, and how its person-centred services help meet his needs. Since he is getting older and needs more help to support his daily activities like showering and socialising, CAC helped him apply for Home Care Package (HCP) and Home and Community Care (HACC) services to satisfy his needs.  CAC had, and continues to have, conversations with his daughter regarding his conditions and service requirements, and established a care plan with both of them together – this is something we do for all our clients.

Mr Zhu loves attending the Willetton centre to meet his friends and play chess with some of our volunteers who coming regularly to play with him. We think he is going easy on them, to make sure they come back.  He also does physical exercises as another fun activity with his friends and caring staff.  His daughter, Julie,  offered us some kind and meaningful words on CAC’s service and support workers: To her, person-centred service means providing each individual with services and support workers that meet each of the client’s requirements, while accounting for and weighing up the family’s suggestions.  Julie says she values CAC as its services relieve her a bit from her busy work and care duty.

We are glad that CAC is able toprovide Mr Zhu with happiness, comfort, care and personalised service, and that its service has been a great help in his family member’s lives. Would you like to offer that care and comfort to someone you love? Would you like to give them a chance to enjoy a happier and healthier aging life? If your answer is yes, let us help you.