Juan Juan is always ready to provide her help to support workers, even with simple tasks like folding table cloths and clean tea towels. She has begun to recall some basic English skills after attending English classes as part of our Evergreen College.


Juan Juan is one of the ladies with the brightest smile on her face among all CAC clients. When she first joined us, we were all impressed by her unusual self-portrait. As you can see in the above photo, Juan Juan was wearing a helmet and smiling in front of the camera. That made her do look different from other clients we had gotten in touch with. We love this lady at first sight and looked forward to meeting her.

When we saw her for the first time at the centre, she could barely finish a full sentence, instead being limited to simple words. However, it didn’t make us like her less. On the contrary, it felt like the room was as bright as her charming smile. Afterwards, she attends CAC centre regularly, and started to make some new friends here. As time goes on, we learned more about her life and she began to open her heart to us as well.

We didn’t think it was a big surprise when she told us she was married to an Australian man, since she has such wonderful characters and was able to speak fluent English before her stroke. She can’t remember what happened clearly beforehand, but her attitude to the life is always positive, which we think is a great example for both the elderly and young generation on how to enjoy a happy life in a second home.

With her family and CAC’s help, her physical and mental conditions have been improved a lot. Now she can express what is in her mind to everyone smoothly. Also, she likes to help support workers with simple tasks like folding table cloths and clean tea towels. She has also begun to recall some basic English after attending English class as part of our Evergreen College, our unique program that helps clients improve their independent through learning something new or refreshing their old skills.

We look forward to further changes in her life, as we mentioned before, we admire her ability to live positively and never give up on trying and learning. We are glad that CAC was able to give her the encouragement and assistance she needs to continue living well, and that’s what we are trying to do for our clients and people from the community who are in need of help. The meaningful connections between people are irreplaceable, and we want to help all our clients have meaningful connections and to never give up on living a life full of purpose and care.