As the acting leader of our Balcatta and Willetton hubs, Ms Lam is always popular with the clients and staff, due to her fairness, respect and undiscriminating love. She joined CAC as a support worker in 2001 being a long-time volunteer. Her passion and care for the seniors has a great impact as a role model to the younger staff, encouraging them to go the extra mile to better serve our clients.


Ling moved to Perth from Hong Kong in 1985 with her husband and two daughters. She was first introduced to Chung Wah when the her neighbour told her about the Chung Wah Ladies Group. In 2001, after having been a long-time volunteer, she made a decision to join Chung Wah CAC as a support worker to help the elderly from non-English speaking background. During her volunteering period, she had established a friendly relationship with many of our clients, which made her work easier when she became an office staff in 2009 in charge of the Day Long Respite Care program at CAC’s Balcatta centre.

Ling is the kind of person who is able to adapt herself into different environment very quickly, no matter work or life. She embraces every challenge with her smile and calmness, and no problem can’t be solved with a strong team and positive working attitude. There is no doubt by anyone that she treats every client with sincerity and honest, as her reason for joining CAC was to bring happiness to the elderly from non-English speaking background, while at the same time bringing satisfaction into her own life. She believes she continues to achieve both these goals every day.

In a post-reform care industry full of uncertainty and confusion, CAC believes that stable and trustworthy leadership and teamwork can overcome the greatest difficulties. After working in CAC for more than 16 years, including being promoted as acting hub leader, Ling always teaches the younger staff to stick to the principles and helps them improve their abilities with her experiences, so that our people can face the storm together.

To her, a “person-centred” service model means more observation and understanding of what these “old kids” really need, and doing our best to make sure the services we provide can meet their physical and psychological requirements by providing each individual with their unique support plan. How does she plan to grow and strengthen the team? The answer would be focussing on people, including staff, support workers, volunteers and our invaluable customers, and knowing your competitors inside out.

In Ling’s opinion, people are CAC’s most valuable assets, especially volunteers and support workers., as they are most able to keep the clients with us by providing excellent service, while their suggestions and advice regarding how we should delivery better service have always been considered as important. To improve their skills by means of training them in providing “person-centred” services is helps align them with CAC’s vision – “A Better Community for All!”

CAC keeps expanding during these years, due to the challenges in front of us, and the changes to aged care industry.Ling’s believes CAC’s needs more dynamic and young staff for the transmission power of love and responsibility. To those younger members of our team, Ling says this: Remember to establish a good relationship with your clients by keepingyour promises, knowing your weak points, improving your professional knowledge, striving for a higher standard and working as a team.

We are proud that Ling has found meaning in her work for the community, and that she has set a positive example for the next generation. How about you? Do you want to contribute your time and ability to the elderly, but still can’t figure out how? Apply here – or contact us.