Pricha has been fond of the exercise program under “Evergreen College” since the first day he joined CAC. Following the instruction of support workers, he feels happier and healthier. His passion towards the exercise is a positive influence and encouragement on other clients around him at our centre. Though he comes from different cultural background as others, but he would like to achieve the same dream of the improvement of general wellbeing just like everyone else.


Pricha was born in Thailand and he is 86 years old now. In the 1950s, he left his hometown for the very first time when he was still a teenager who could barely speak English. After learning the language for one year, He studied and graduated from University of Western Australia four years later. In order to reunite with his family, he decided to go back to Thailand and then worked at Shell for over 50 years until he retired.

Before settling down in Perth, he travelled all around Australia with his family members to find a better place to live and enjoy life. However, life is full of unexpected changes and not exactly the same as what he had pictured. Despite no language barrier, things were different after a long time, which made him feel nothing but strange and lonely in the city.

Joining Chung Wah CAC was the turning point of his lonely life. After making the decision to migrate to Perth, he paid visits to a variety of agencies before he saw CAC advertisement in the newspaper. He loves making friends and doing exercises and playing games with a lot of people together. This is the reason he finally chose CAC from the others, even though he knows nothing about the languages spoken among the majority of our clients other than English. And we are happy to see that he expands his interests in something new - Evergreen College, where you can learn computer, tai chi, calligraphy, outings etc. at CAC centers.

As time goes by, more services are required to support him to live at home independently, especially regular help with some daily tasks such as basic cleaning. CAC, once again, became the bridge between the government department and him. We worked together with him to get approval of extra in-home service after we understood what he really needed, which we call “person-centre” service model. Now, with the help of our support workers and staff, Pricha is able to continue to enjoy the wonderful life, and his wife can be relieved a bit from the daily housework and have more time to do the things she wants as well – this is what we call “win-win”.

Being with this big, creative and multicultural family, he has been getting more and more active and vigorous, since he feels welcomed and doesn’t have to walk 2km before breakfasts all by himself. Deep down, he clearly knows he can be well looked after and doing his most favorite physical exercise with our professional and friendly staff, together with his friends at CAC as well. He enjoys attending CAC every time and recommends us to his neighbors and family friends.

He describes CAC as a lovely place where everyone loves to go. He always enjoys the relaxing time and feels much happier in this fantastic community. Also, he has more choices on what, where and how the service will be delivered, which makes him feel he’s got more control of his life. He says that he loves the exercise, which keeps him healthy; he loves CAC staff and volunteers, who makes him feel comfortable and welcomed; he loves to spend more time in CAC, which can enrich his life.

Many clients such as Pricha have already found so much fun at CAC. Furthermore, they have found a way to embrace wellness as well. How about you?